Am i able to get HIV and Aids from Strippers and Lap Dances?

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Expensive Dr. Sadie,
I'm 26 12 months old male, from India, at the moment staying at Phoenix (AZ, United states of america). And this is my Tale.......
Since the past week of Oct to December 1st week of the year (2010), I were visiting solitary strip club for nearly one or two instances per week and every time I took 1 or 2 lap dances with distinctive women.
I ordinarily shave my beard in the morning at 9am. And in some cases I get cuts in the course of the shave. No cuts are bigger than 2-three millimeter across and so they bleed from time to time (bleed for few minutes). Immediately after shaving, I take very hot drinking water tub after which you can a sizzling espresso. I pay a visit to the club at all over two-3pm and before the lap dance, I normally have a chilly consume. There's about four-five several hours gap amongst sustaining the shaving cuts plus the lap dance. There has never been an instance wherever there was an Lively bleeding from the cuts through the lap dance.
Over the lap dance, I only kissed and/or rubbed my facial area over the neck, in between/about the breasts and in some cases around the butts / thighs (hardly ever did that on her vagina) from the Lady. Each lap dance was about 5-10 minutes. What scarring me is, if her vaginal fluid current on her butts/thigh or on her overall body floor or perhaps the traces of semen within the former customer to whom she gave a lap dance or traces of blood if any (I didn’t see any blood traces at any dance) come in contact with my shave cuts, After i was rubbing my facial area on it. In addition to this, during the whole dance, she utilized to rub her vagina with panty, on my tricky penis (with my dresses on). She used to carry on rubbing it for approximately five-ten seconds soon after ejaculation.
Previously, I was unaware that HIV/STD can transmit even by semen or vaginal fluids. But when I arrived to be aware of relating to this transmission, I'm entirely afraid and not able to carry out my day-to-working day things to do. So requesting your enable....
I've mentioned these with couple of Physicians on www., but I would want a professional’s impression.
Now my inquiries are:
1) Will these shameful functions bring about HIV or any kind of STD?
Initial Allow me to Tackle HOW YOU ASKED THE Problem,
I THINK A MORE Vital Problem You have to be ASKING YOURSELF IS, “Considering the fact that I FEEL THAT WHAT I'm Accomplishing IS SHAMEFUL, WHY I Hold Carrying out IT?” THIS SEEMS TO BE The basis CAUSE OF The difficulty AND ONE THAT I do think You must Discover A solution TO.
DO You're feeling LIKE Dwelling DANGEROUSLY?
NOW To reply YOUR Query…Of course & Sure!
THIS Could potentially cause YOU To secure a MULTITUDE OF Microbes Within your Experience, IN ADDITION TO Small CRAWLING CRITTERS LIKE CRABS. ANY VAGINAL DISCHARGE donji ves novi sad (That you choose to Might Generally SEE), A FISHY OR MUSTY SMELL OR Uncomfortable VIRGINAL ODOR IS NOT An excellent Detail To own YOUR FACE Close to, OR IN, WHETHER You may have Just lately SHAVED OR NOT. HIV MIGHT BE SLIGHLY More challenging TO COME BY Determined by Everything you Discussed But there's A HOST OF OTHER VAGINAL FUNGUS AND Micro organism HIDING IN SOME THONGS AND Substantial HEELS Which may MAKE YOU WISH YOU Have been Useless.
2) Will HIV get transmitted throughout the shaved cuts that contacted vaginal fluids or semen, After i rubbed my encounter on her butts or thigh?
REASEARCH Indicates THAT The potential risk of HIV INFECTION IN THIS WAY IS EXTRMEMLY Smaller. Unless of course You may have VAMPIRE TENDENCIES AND ARE Consuming Many BLOOD You're Possibly Harmless.
3) Just how long these shaved cuts usually takes time to donji ves beograd mend making sure that HIV/std an infection gets restricted?
Go through The solution TO Problem #two
four) What are the chances of infection from her rubbing vagina on my cummed penis across my underwear or skinny pant?
ZERO…IF YOU CATEGORICALLY, Totally, POSITIVELY & UNCONDITIONALLY Need to have A Overseas VAGINA AND BUTTOCKS RUBBED SOMEWHERE ON The body On a regular basis THEN I Advise sexy donji ves That you choose to STICK TO THIS METHOD Instead of Obtaining IT RUBBED On your own Facial area
five) Sometimes, I might have rubbed my eyes with my fingers which touched her butts/thighs where vaginal fluids or semen might exist. What about the infection via eyes, nose and ears?
I’M Shocked YOU’RE NOT BLIND But? IF NOT YOU’RE Almost certainly Alright!!! …Nonetheless, Should you Take place TO GO BLIND DO You've got Somebody that CAN Publish ME FOR Suggestions Considering that YOU WILL NOT Be capable of SEE THE COMPUTER KEYS!
I’M NOT CERTAIN However, if I Were being A BETTING Girl I might Wager THAT This could Most likely STOP YOU FROM RUBBING VAGINAL FLUID INTO YOUR EYES. In this article Is a thing TO THINK ABOUT…IF YOU KEEP Dwelling DANGEROUSLY You won't Be capable to SEE A VAGINA; Depending on YOUR INQUIRY THAT SHOULD Inspire YOU To halt RUBBING Peculiar Woman FLUIDS INTO YOUR EYES.
6) For how long does the virus (HIV) exist on her system floor?
HIV Will not LIVE Beyond Your body.
7) Does multiple lap dances with Pretty much unique women increase the any hazard of an infection?
NO, Nevertheless it DOES Boost the INSANITY OF Your situation
eight) I believe, even only one HIV virus or STD resulting in organism infection through the overall body tor blood strem, is able to causing an infection – am I proper? Be sure to make clear if it demands sure volume of fluids (like complete 1ml or 2ml) to induce the infection
Prevent Previously! STOP YOUR Habits AND YOU HAVE Almost nothing TO WORRY ABOUT
nine) Lastly What exactly are the chances that just one could get HIV/STD bacterial infections via these lap dances?
SEE Problem #8
10) Does one recommend me to have a HIV/STD exam?
Sure, Right away!!!
Looking forward to your reply.....
Many thanks for the details

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